About me

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Hi, I`m Atanas – a Geography and travel addict, living in Bulgaria. I reside in the capital city Sofia and have a full time job, but love doing trips in my spare time.

My travel style evolved through the years. In 2010, I made my first trip abroad – an excursion to Italy. After returning home, I promised myself never to go on an organized trip again! I was simply not fond of being dragged like a piece of luggage from one attraction to another and preferred to explore things myself. So, I turned into an independent traveler and made a lot of solo trips in the next few years. Later, I met my future wife and we started making journeys as a couple. I also used to fall into tourist traps. A lot! I`m happy to say now I look for more authentic experiences and would always skip a commercial place for a scenery walk or a hike, ending with a beautiful view.

How I started The Balkan Traveler?

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I caught myself following many travel bloggers and reading about their adventures in recent years. This inspired me to create a blog myself. The purpose was to get me out of my comfort zone and start doing regular trips again. Suddenly, I realized I`ve been to more places abroad than where I live. So, it had to be something to help me get to know better my home country and the surrounding states.

That`s how, on 1st April 2017, The Balkan Traveler was launched. The main focus is set on giving tips and inside information about traveling Bulgaria and the Balkans. I`ll try to show you the beauty of the places here, local traditions, typical food and drinks and will be glad If I manage to light the sparkle of your desire to visit the Balkans. By the way, I love the fact now more and more people appreciate this part of Europe as a region deserving to be explored. I`ll be also sharing experiences from my past (and future) journeys to more distant countries under Beyond The Balkans section.

Some additional info

I have an university degree in Tourism and, bar English, speak also Russian as I`ve lived in Russia for a couple of years on earlier stage of my life. Besides travel, I am also interested in History, Music, Movies and Sports.

If you want to get in touch with The Balkan Traveler, have some questions, enquiries or just want to send greetings, you can do it suing the Contact Form.

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